Jehmu Takes on Tucker Carlson


Last night, Tucker Carlson asked me “Why do you always bring it back to race?” Putting aside that he chose the topic, I can only wonder why Tucker (and his alt-right comrades), always feel so sensitive about it? When we’re talking about White privilege, we’re discussing the systematic and structural reasons for pervasive and inescapable racial inequality that surrounds all of us: why Black and Latino students, for example, are dropping out of school more than White and Asian students; why Black children are more likely to live in poverty than White children; why Black and Latinos have higher incarceration rates than White people. 

When we’re talking about White privilege, we’re talking about systems that allow and perpetuate racial disparities. We’re not talking about an individual White person. Though if you feel defensive and sensitive about it, maybe you don’t want to face these facts. Whatever political party you belong to, wherever you live, maybe it be in the Rust Belt or the South or the Midwest, race impacts all aspects of our lives, systematically and individually. We cannot change something we cannot face, and until we face the cause of this country’s racial disparities, we won’t be able to change how we talk about race.

Barry Lai