The DNC needs a Chair who is a SEASONED ORGANIZER and a FIERCE MESSENGER. An exceptional Chair who can share far and wide the transformative vision of our candidates and values, and who can counterpunch disinformation, regardless of where it comes from. Someone who has a proven track record of being an effective organizer and powerful advocate for young people, women and people of color – and for AMERICANS OF EVERY HUE, GENDER, GENERATION, AND BACKGROUND.

I am a Democrat because I am the daughter of Liberian immigrants who were once undocumented. I am a Democrat because school lunches fed me as child. I am a Democrat because I am the only person entitled to make decisions about if and when I have children. 

I am a disrupter and political innovator with the heart of a grassroots organizer. Exactly what the party needs right now. 

After serving as Executive Director of TEXAS YOUNG DEMOCRATS, I dropped out of college and drove to DC with the desire to help empower disenfranchised and vulnerable communities. I arrived with no job in sight and $10 in my pocket. 20 years later, with countless campaigns under my belt, and having been on the front lines of organizing major social change movements, I am a Democrat because this party helped me live the American Dream. 

Under my leadership at ROCK THE VOTE , our community grew from 1,500 to over 1 million and young voter turnout increased by 11%, the largest increase ever recorded between two presidential elections. Together with Jose Antonio Vargas, Alicia Menendez, and Jake Brewer, I co-founded DEFINE AMERICAN to elevate the immigration conversation. I’ve worked to amplify women’s voices in the media as President of THE WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER and in local politics as a founding board member of VOTERUNLEAD. I innovated in the private sector to bring solar light and power to people living without access to electricity as President of WAKAWAKA

As a FOX NEWS Political Analyst since 2010, I have a unique understanding of how to use the media to create real change. I have stood, and I will stand toe-to-toe with conservatives who lie for a living and I’ll win with the truth.  

You may know me from my days working at the DNC as the Director of Women’s Outreach and Southern Political Director. Or our paths may have crossed while I served on the Credentials Committee and Commission on Presidential Timing and Scheduling in 2004. I have worked inside campaign headquarters, served in leadership roles, and agitated from the outside to strengthen the progressive movement. I AM THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS THE INSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FROM BOTH THE INSIDE AND OUT. 

The media wants this race to devolve into a Clinton vs Sanders rehash. I won’t let it happen. We are all in this together and the Party is only as strong as we are united. 

I’m sure election night knocked the wind out of you, as it did me. In the aftermath of a defeat that threatens all the values we hold sacred - inclusivity, fairness, equality - I turned inward, stopped consuming media, got off Facebook and made my Twitter account private to block out the alt-right trolls. I did some serious soul-searching to process what I, what we could have done differently to defeat a religion- and race-baiting sexual predator with a penchant for constant lies, one who encouraged a foreign government to interfere in our electoral process and whose candidacy was endorsed by bigots and thugs from the KKK to the Kremlin.

In his farewell address, President Obama challenged us all to “embrace the joyous task we’ve been given to continually improve this great nation of ours.”